This could be a turning point

I had a little boy in my year five class who could not sit in his seat for more than a couple of minutes at a time and found it hard to concentrate and focus. I saw him doodling during class instruction time but I realised he was still listening to me so I did a very quick introductory lesson on Zentangling to the whole class. Some students liked it and others didn’t but this boy immediately began to work on his and I had never seen such concentration and focus in any child. He sat like this for over an hour not talking or misbehaving and remained in his seat completely engaged. His Zentangle was fantastic and when I asked him how he felt during it he told me ‘calm’. I realised that this could be a turning point for this little boy’s education if encouraged and treated appropriately. — This could be a turning point

Zentangle is strategy which can have many benefits for children, and adults, as they struggle with issues of focus, anxiety and stress. This is a reflection which a new teacher shared about her experience with Zentangle in the classroom. Surely it is our responsibility as parents and educators to seek to encourage the adoption of strategies which will support them as they navigate life.