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Nature Based Reggio inspired Early Learning

I am currently working closely with a group from Indonesian to help them realise their dream of a nature based Reggio inspired Early Learning and Primary School in Bali. Working with...

Something Beautiful Sunrise

Something Beautiful

There is something beautiful and calming to sit at sunrise in the fresh air, a slight breeze gently playing with the leaves, a faint humming of bees as they get on...

Pocket Treasures Gillian McAuliffe

Pocket Treasures

Being a hunter and gatherer is one of the ways which children interact with their world. They collect sticks, flowers, stones, nuts, feathers and even bugs as they move through...

Observing Play Practical Wisdom

Observing Play

Being an Active Observer in an Outdoor Classroom is how we can understand what  children are exploring, practising, rehearsing, discovering, imagining, wondering, socializing, feeling, fearing and enjoying. Sometimes it is...

Resource: Last Child in the Woods

One of my favourites is the rather cheeky film from the Netherlands. It is a play on the Richard Louv ‘Last Child in the Woods’ , but it makes you...